Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Red Boat

Oil on canvas - 92x51cm (36x20in) - 2013
© Horacio Cardozo
Where were they going and did they ever actually arrive? This painting is a reminder of the fact that our lives are but a journey. Perhaps this red boat serves as a symbol of man’s everlasting and undying pursuit of happiness. Although transparent, life remains in the boat. Through the mind’s eye, it’s almost as if you can see someone there— the anchor acts as a safety net and the ores are not in use. I love that there seems to be a strong element of the in-between in this work. The boat is physically here and yet at the same time appears to be no where. No where with a visible horizon, sun or stars— possibly even trapped between time and space? Perhaps even existing solely in the mind or in our ever-changing emotions. I can smell the spice and almost taste it on my breath— ironically enough, this piece reminds one of Aristotle’s Golden Mean. 
Comment by Kyanna Kitt 

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