Friday, December 16, 2011

Standing Nymph

Oil on canvas - 153x101cm (60x40in) - 2011
© Horacio Cardozo
 Image of model by Andy Kabanoff
In Standing Nymph, abstract and classical figurative elements are combined in a most contemplative work. The background treatment evokes Rothko’s multiforms. The gold and umber tones provoke thoughts of nature: autumn leaves and tree bark. The girl stands in a pensive, almost ambiguous pose; half of her existing in our world, the other half part of another. Her gaze is distant. Her eyes long for moments filled with song and dance.  She is conflicted and clutches herself, in search of a kind of safety, as her purity (symbolized by the white drapery) slips away from her bare skin.
 Comment by Antonio Estevez